Thursday, 29 March 2012

Those boots were made for talkin'

The life and sole of Tom’s Boots

The boots walked into my life so to speak, unexpectedly and without fuss.

A rather crumpled carrier bag left on my doorstep with a note – ‘Thought you might like these’,  I peered inside;  an unremarkable, extremely rugged pair of rustic cowboy boots, size 11, thick leather, tan, well worn, you could only imagine what a life they had led so far.

Previous history unknown, had they been worn by Clint Eastwood perhaps?, starring in A Fistful of Dollars or The Good The Bad and The Ugly?  I doubt it – some sad individual had probably purchased these on a holiday to the states, a victim of cowboy tourism pressures and a pushy american salesman.

I took the boots to meet some other well heeled friends in my shop. The boots would be great for shows like Oklahoma, Guys and Dolls and Footloose. You would be surprised how often a marshall or cowboy turns up as a character in musicals, plays and shows.  Tom’s Boots look great with American suits, chaps, cowboy shirts and stetsons and sheriff outfits.

I reckon those boots lead a charmed life, they have been out on many trips this year in fact they have enjoyed a more varied and exciting social life than most of my friends. Of all the unlikely items in my shop, Tom’s boots definitely seem to have a knack for getting themselves noticed and engineering another exciting adventure outside of the shop.

They have been clubbing in Aylesbury and out treading the boards all over the parish. They have appeared in Calamity Jane and Footloose, featured in Oklahoma and have twice made a guest appearance in Guys and Dolls.  More recently they have been out partying with a Johnny Depp look alike as a vital accessory to the pirate look.

This week they have been grounded and are having a wash and brush up and a well earned rest, reunited with Bettys Boots and Nigels Snakes in the boot basket, no doubt relegating extraordinary tales of the life outside Admiral Costumes ……………..

If you would like to hire Tom’s Boots or any other sole buddies and expose them to a new experience, please call Admiral Costumes on 01908 372504

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