Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Apron wearers extraordinaire

The apron – a simple piece of cloth, designed purely for protecting the clothing of individuals undertaking messy tasks, has become an iconic trademark for many characters.

Take Renee from Allo Allo, for example; he bustles about his café with his white butchers style half apron constantly in place. His wife Edith sports a floral number, clashing hideously with the loud pattern on her dress.

Mrs Bridges in Upstairs, Downstairs uses her large starched and frilled Victorian apron for formidable effect and Polly the downtrodden maid in Fawlty Towers, is always seen in a similar softer and shorter version.

Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army is instantly recognised for his striped butchers apron and Sweeney Todd the demon barber has his sinister blood spattered barbers affair.

Widow Twankey always wears an apron as she surveys her laundry and the 1940’s tea ladies floral wrap around makes an attractive choice of costume for 1940’s events.

Most shows involve aprons of some sort for beggars, maids, flower sellers, cooks, housekeepers, butchers, bakers, chefs, nurses and serving wenches.

From the brown overalls of the factory workers in Les Miserables, pretty little maids frilly half aprons for the farmerettes in Guys and Dolls to pristine starched Victorian and 1930’s style maids aprons, Admiral Costumes have a massive selection of aprons and overalls to suit all characters.

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