Tuesday, 19 July 2016

40s costumes for L’Atalier

Our range of 40s costumes were used to great effect once again in a wonderful production of L’Atalier.

L’Atalier (The Workroom) is set in post war Paris and explores the tangled lives of native Parisians alongside those misplaced by the war, who struggle to settle in a different culture. 

A poignant and often comic tale of survival and friendship in post-war Paris, the piece shares the ups and downs of those struggling to make a living in post-war and post holocaust France.

Our 40s costumes are ideal for this type of production with period aprons and overalls for the seamstresses and workers in the factory, suits, coats and smart wear for after work and the day dresses and clothing for the office workers.

We have an authentic looking collection of clothing for this post war period which looks great on stage for L’Atalier, Allo Allo, Dad’s Army and a host of other plays set in the 1940s.

Individual costumes can be hired for Twinwood, Goodwood, Sheringham 40s weekend and any other 40s event.

For more information on our 40s wear visit www.admiralcostumes.co.uk or call 01908 372504

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