Friday, 17 March 2017

Wedding Party

When Georgina Guest wedding planner extraordinaire decided to have a wedding themed birthday party, the brief didn’t end there - it had to be bad taste OTT 80s style wedding attire, with as many huge sleeves ruffles and bows it is possible to have. 

Competitive guests attempted to obtain the most horrific meringue style and frilly dresses with hilarious results.

We have had a wonderful time at Admiral Costumes helping party guests to choose a monstrosity of a bride or bridesmaid dress without stealing the thunder of the party girl bride and her partner the groom.

Georgina was not to be upstaged in a wonderful satin gown with huge lace sleeves and flower trim, with her husband in a black tailcoat, top hat and spats.
Peach seemed to be the favourite colour and magnificent satin dresses were chosen with hooped underskirts, rose trims and floral baskets.

Not to be outdone, a couple of friends went as a matching pair of floral bridesmaids with parasols.

There was no escape for the men who either had to wear a suit or smart top hat and tails outfit and a 6’ 8” pope added to the hilarity with his mitre continually scraping the ceiling.

At Admiral Costumes we have some fabulous vintage wedding gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses and tailcoats suitable for weddings and events. Many shows end with a wedding scene and we have a good selection of wedding attire from the 1920’s to present day.

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