Monday, 15 May 2017

Brief Encounter and costuming 40s plays

Set in the 1940s era, Brief Encounter, the famous play by Noel Coward, tells the love story between a mother who escapes her hum drum village life each week to visit the local town where an illicit relationship develops from a chance meeting with a handsome doctor.

Mostly set in a railway station and cinema, Admiral Costumes have an excellent choice of 40s wear for the Doctor, passengers, WW2 soldiers en route to their destinations and the tea ladies in the café where the lovers meet.

A set of burgundy usherette uniforms, add to the atmosphere of a 40s cinema where Alec and Laura spent many an afternoon.

Carnforth railway station in Lancashire was the original location for the 1945 film and it was so exciting to see the iconic image for Brief Encounter re-created by Tudor Players using our costumes for their recent production promotion photos.

Filmed at Pickering Station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, the two black and white images are barely discernible from each other, with the atmospheric steam and authentic style costumes creating an excellent reproduction.

Admiral Costumes have an extensive collection of 40s wear suitable for film, plays, re-enactments and for 40s days.

If you would like to re-capture the wonderfully nostalgic scene from Brief Encounter or similar, then do give us a call on 01908 372504 or visit

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