Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Vinyl boobs for Blackadder

When Edmund has a surprise visit from his puritan Uncle and Aunt, Lord and Lady Whiteadder, it coincides with a raucus stag party that he has to attend.

The hilarious consequences of attending both ‘parties’ in adjacent rooms in the castle, result in a drunken Edmund and chums wearing false boobies and singing rude songs.

Lord andLady Whiteadder succumb to the liquor and join in wholeheartedly. 

With references to rude vegetables and bawdy singing, Lord and Lady Whiteadder has become a popular choice for the latest craze for Blackadder 'Beer' inspired parties.

Blackadder themed parties are extremely popular this season, with loads of characters to choose from, there is something for everyone and it makes for a really fun time.

If you are going to dress up then go the whole hog with a fabulous quality Elizabethan style costume.

For the ladies, we have some lovely Tudor style outfits complete with headdresses and petticoats. Choose from a wench or lady in waiting, or go full out with an outrageous Nursie or Queenie.

We have Blackadder, the effeminate Percy, Flashheart with his huge codpiece and a rather sombre Lord Melchett complete with skull cap.

All our costumes are made from quality fabrics, like velvet and come complete with petticoats, hoops, ruffs, hats, tights and shoe buckles if required.

Because our costumes are mostly used for stage and film, we have many details that just aren’t available from most fancy dress outlets.

Vinyl boobs for Blackadder parties can be purchased as an extra, including the gold painted ones sported by Lord Melchett.

To order vinyl boobs or for more information on all our Blackadder costumes for all the series, give us a call on 01908 372504, we love to help.

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