Friday, 11 October 2019

A Tomb With A View

Thoroughly enjoyed A Tomb With A View, a macabre comedy thriller by Norman Robbins.

LeightonBuzzard Drama Group did a fabulous job of making all the odd and rather scary characters come to life and revealed the bizarre story of their demise.

Admiral costumes are delighted to have provided costumes for this play which is set in the 1930s in the ancestral home of the Tomb family.

The scene is set in the library of Monument House where Penworthy, the family solicitor, reads out the will of the late Mr Tomb.  Penworthy dresses very grandly in a smart tailcoat, morning trousers, waistcoat and spats.

Lucien Tomb the eldest rather bombastic sibling and inheritor, is dressed eccentrically in tweed breeches, jacket and wool mustard waistcoat.

Emily tomb is quite masculine and adopts a loud suit and garish brightly checked waistcoat.

Dora, another of the nutty sisters flambuoyantly dresses in floaty 1930s wear with lots of jewels and feathers,

Monica Tomb, the younger flirty sister, dresses more provocatively in a black and gold 30s beaded evening dress and polka dot day dress, setting her sights on the unsuspecting Peregrine Potter.

Other characters in this charming play include a nurse and a housekeeper.

We love costuming period plays like this and have a wonderful selection of 30s wear to choose from including sports wear, underwear, coats and hats to make your production have that authentic feel.

For information on our period costumes for drama, please contact us at Admiral Costumes on 01908 372504

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