Monday, 20 January 2020

The Drowsy Chaperone

The DrowsyChaperone is a show within a show with upbeat jazz numbers set in 1928.

The show opens with the ‘Man in the chair’ playing his favourite album and commenting on the musical as it progresses and is acted out for real on the stage in his living room.

So clever with catchy tunes and a wonderful variety of costumes, the Drowsy Chaperone is a fun and raucous production with over the top characters and witty dialogue.

Main character in the show is Janet Van de Graaf who gives up her showbiz career to marry Robert. Her number ‘Show Off’ has an incredible four quick changes which requires a lot of planning and practice.

Starting off in a beach kimono and wrap, she steps out of this with a clever turn to reveal a 20s short dress with petal detail, the petal belt is removed and she dances around for a while in the dress.  A large umbrella conceals her as she magically changes into a colourful 20s dress and then a quick stop off stage to change into a swimsuit. After that a fringed robe is added and the song ends. 

Then, the reprise – she reappears for a final long note with a fur wrap. Phew!

Other characters include the sultry Drowsy Chaperone, Aldolpho a magician like character, Trix the aviator and the rather old fashioned Mrs Tottendale.

With monkeys, colourful Asian costumes and spangly aviator number and four weddings, this show has it all.

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