Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Where can I get a stick on beard?

Stick on beards and moustaches are great fun.  They can transform your look in seconds and really enhance a fancy dress costume.

Whilst in lock down and face-timing some family members, I happened to spy a stick on moustache on my desk. It was quite superb, a black handle bar job.  I quickly popped it on and of course it caused an absolute riot with everyone.

It occurred to me then that perhaps others may like to lighten up a zoom meeting or family face-time call and have a bit of fun for a change.

Birthdays in isolation can be grim, but wouldn't it be great fun to send a gift box of beards and insist of seeing them all in action?

Why not order one of our beard boxes for zoom and have it delivered to a friend?

For only £22.00 you get 5 beard items; a multi pack of at least seven stick on moustaches of various styles, a quality large beard, a medium beard, a smaller beard or tache and a single moustache. The pack is excellent value and includes carriage and packing.

For more information please contact us or check out our website for more options on wigs and facial hair.

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