Thursday, 3 May 2012


Original costumes especially made up for you

When a potential client requested a Roman Costume for a theatre production, I immediately described our selection of flowing robes, brooches, drapes, head wreaths and grapes associated with nero and other toga style greek heroes.

It was Commodus that was required played by Russell Crowe, from the film  Galdiator - a truly magnificent costume and costly to reproduce in authentic materials.
Doing what Admiral costumes does best, we searched the rails for cream coloured tunics in the right length, found some thick leather belts, added  a cape at the shoulders with some large brooches and roping, added a breast plate et voila an impressive commodus.

Admiral Costumes hold an unrivalled stock of hard to find clothing items that can be adapted and used to create other wonderful outfits, unique for your production or show.
Commodus and his friends can be seen at The Fox Inn in Carlton, Beds, this weekend.

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