Thursday, 13 December 2012

Murder Mystery – random items and vital clues

Everyone loves a murder mystery party and we know you just love getting together with a few friends over themed drinks and a meal to solve and play the murder mystery game.

A murder mystery party offers some light hearted entertainment and dressing up in character is all part of the fun.  It can be tricky sometimes to acquire the necessary clothing garments which are often quite specific and may form part of a vital clue in the game.
Whatever character you are given, whether you are the murderer, a writer or gardener we will most likely have a costume or accessories to suit. The game could be set in any era and usually involves a set of eccentric characters that will require suitably colourful attire.

From a silver tie pin, to silk handkerchiefs, coloured trilby’s to tweed suits and old gardener’s hats, we have all kinds of wonderful props and accessories to put you in character straight away.

If you’ve been invited to a murder mystery party this season, don’t panic, just give us a call, I am sure we can help.

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