Tuesday, 8 January 2013


The Aladdin fairy story remains a popular title for pantomime with a wonderful opportunity to dress the show in fantastic oriental and Chinese style robes, clothes and accessories.

Aladdin, a poor young Chinese boy is recruited by a wicked uncle and sorcerer. He orders Aladdin to retrieve an old oil lamp from a cave, but Aladdin gets trapped in the cave and rubs the magic ring that was given to him by the sorcerer and is transported back to his mother.

His mother cleans the old oil lamp by rubbing it and a genie appears granting the bearer a wish. Aladdin is rich and moves to a beautiful palace and despite Ebeneza the wicked uncle stealing the lamp, he marries a princess and lives happily ever after.

We have an excellent set of costumes for this pantomime, from Chinese jackets and trousers and matching sets of Chinese tunics for the chorus, to the magnificent Ebeneza and genie. We have a selection of costumes for Aladdin and the princess with a choice of wedding outfits for the walk down at the end.

For more information on our costumes for Aladdin and other popular pantomimes, visit our website http://www.admiralcostumes.co.uk/?page_id=71




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