Thursday, 17 January 2013

Catch 22

Based on the novel by Joseph Heller, Catch 22 follows the story of the 256th squadron during WWII.

Paranoid bombardier, Captain John Yossarian, thinks everyone is trying to kill him and avoids flying on all combat missions, using all kinds of excuses and ploys.
He thinks that by pleading insanity he will be dismissed from the squadron but the ‘catch 22’ is that by refusing to fly in combat, he shows sane behaviour and is destined to remain in the war.

The dark humour of Catch 22 portrays the serious reality of life in a US squadron and of men trying to keep sane during the horrors of second world war.
We are delighted to be providing military wear for Fourways Theatre Company’s production of this play showing in Oxford from the 7th February.

For more information on our period army, navy and airforce uniforms, please contact us on        01908 372504 or visit our website

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