Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Auguste the joker clown

When it comes to costuming clowns, it may come as a surprise that there really are only four main types which are all quite distinctive in their own way.

The Auguste clown was developed in the 20th century and is the fool or joker clown who is always tripping up and falling over. He has pink face make-up with white around the mouth and eyes which is outlined in black. Auguste wears oversized coats and trousers and often sports a pair of massive shoes.
Hobo clown is a happy go lucky fellow who is always looking for work, he typically wears some type of bowler hat and tramp type clothing. Hobo has a 5 0’clock shadow and slightly dirty face due to his extensive travel.

Harlequin clown originated in France and wears an outfit made from triangles of coloured fabric, with a ruff at the neck. Harlequin is very nimble and often performs acrobatic stunts.
The Pierrot clown wears distinctive black and white and is known for mime. Pierrot is a melancholy dreamer and hides his pain from his audience by only revealing a single teardrop underneath his eye.

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