Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Women in the 20th century

Driving home from a press conference for 9-5 the Musical in Milton Keynes, I reflected on a day where I had excitedly discovered a set of Women’s Voluntary Service overalls in the morning, to attending a preview of songs from the new hit show 9-5 The Musical, soon to be showing in Milton Keynes, in the afternoon.

Totally unrelated events you might think, but strangely linked by the sheer resilience and great versatility that women show time and again throughout the 20th century.
The women’s voluntary service provided a vital service during the war years, organising the evacuation, collecting clothes for the needy and welcoming home the returned troops. They were unpaid and undervalued at the time with no uniform provided. They worked voluntarily helping others while their own loved ones were away and their own families in danger.

By contrast and several decades later in 9-5, three strong women learn how to survive in the workplace. Undervalued and underpaid, they stand up for what they believe in by kidnapping their chauvinistic boss.
9-5 gives an entertaining glimpse of office life in the 70’s and reveals how much attitudes have changed in the workplace. Young women today owe a huge amount to our forebears who paved the way in putting equal opportunities on the political agenda.

9-5 The Musical will be at Milton Keynes Theatre from 3rd – 9th March – don’t miss it.

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