Thursday, 19 September 2013

Rock ‘n Roll costumes

The 50’s era is extremely popular for music, dancing, glamour and clothing. Customers just love dressing up in the brightly coloured and flamboyant style clothes from the Rock n Roll era.

The 50’s was the first time that the term ‘teenager’ was used and the youngsters of the day, paved the way for the individualised style now expected from our youth.

A 50’s theme is an excellent choice for parties and events, with lively music, energetic dancing and colourful and glamorous clothes.

We have a great selection of Teddy Boy jackets complete with shirts, bootlace ties and shades for hire.  For the ladies we have a gorgeous choice of full skirted 50’s dresses or skirts with waspie belts, net petticoats and accessories to match.

Our 50’s style spot dresses can be made to order in a colour or fabric of your choice.

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