Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Clowning around - Vintage Circus Style

When I rediscovered a rail of vintage circus wear tucked away in my store, I was blown away by the beauty of the items and the loving care that had been taken in making them. Mostly hand- made for show girls and far too small for most amateur theatre productions, they were just begging to be used for creative still life or a photo shoot.

The first person I thought of was Janice Issitt, talented photographer and stylist, who immediately shared my enthusiasm for creating a circus inspired photo-shoot. Janice’s talent for creating superb sets and images has not disappointed and we now have an impressive portfolio of inspired vintage circus images that we can both use to good effect for promoting our businesses.

For more information on our costumes and props suitable for creative photo-shoots contact Admiral Costumes on 01908 372504

For superb make-up, contact the talented Kerri Pocknell and for inspired styling contact Janice Issitt Life and Style

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