Friday, 29 January 2016

Where can I find an outfit for Rocky Horror?

The Rocky Horror Show is coming to town, where can I find an outfit?

" I would love a real outfit with no nylon, a vintage tailcoat, top hat and glittery accessories"

“I want something classy and comfortable – a costume that I will feel good in and will be admired”

“I want to feel part of the show and look really cool”

These are just some of the sentiments we hear from our customers as they come into our fantastic store to find a suitable outfit for their Rocky Horror experience.

At Admiral Costumes we have a massive selection of authentic period drama costume pieces. Choose from our extensive collection of quality vintage classics – tail coats, frock coats, top hats and canes, and put together an outfit of your choice.

Anything goes with Rocky Horror – tail coats, sparkly tops, top hats and bright frilly shirts. From french maids to Riff Raff butler costumes and everything in between, whatever your size or preference.

“I’m so glad I dressed up”

“Most people at the show were in costume”

“I loved the show and my costume was great”

This is just some of the feedback we receive from our Rock Horror customers.

Is The Rocky Horror Show coming to you?

Call us now to reserve a superb outfit on 01908 372504 or visit

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