Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Singing in the Rain costumes

Set in Hollywood, Singing in the rain tells the story of Don Lockwood a silent film star who falls in love with aspiring actress Kathy Seldon.

His and his silent movie leading lady Lina Lamont, need to make a new film with sound, but her comically grating voice leads to Don and his best friend Cosmo Brown dubbing her vocals with Kathy Seldon’s.

Costumes for this show are all about showbiz glamour for Lina and Kathy, with lots of showgirl flapper style costumes for the chorus and stage scenes.

Don needs  a double breasted period suit and the iconic white mackintosh and white trilby with black band. 

There is a US policeman in mac and cap and 20s style day wear for the singing coach. We have two matching checked suits and ties for the Fit as  a Fiddle number.

For more information on our costumes give us a call on 01908 372504 or visit www.admiralcostumes.co.uk

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