Monday, 21 March 2016

Wind in the Willows Costumes

The classic story of The Wind in the Willows is a great choice for school productions, with several colourful characters and a large cast of little animals.

We are delighted to have put together a wonderful 20s style set of bespoke costumes for students ranging in age from 9-14, who are putting on this popular show at their school.

The brief was to make the animals as human as possible with tails and ears just poking through suitable costumes for the period.

For Toad we chose red tartan trousers with bright green shirt and waistcoat with a striped boating jacket and boater for his trips out on the river. He also has a washerwoman disguise which slips easily over the tartan trousers.

Ratty has a bright striped boating jacket and boater with ears attached, Mole a checked shirt and worn dungarees and Badger is in black and white with a fur collar and trilby.

The rabbits, squirrels and mice we put into pretty little floral or gingham dresses with tails and ears attached. The boys have dungarees and checked shirts.

Chief weasel has a bowler hat and tweed jacket, whilst his gang have breeches and waistcoats.

We love putting together costume sets like these for our customers and Wind in The Willows has got to be a favourite.

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