Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Halloween costumes – top quality for dramatic effect

There are Halloween costumes and then there are Halloween costumes.

If you need a quality costume for a Halloween ball, ghost walk, event or a spooky show like Macbeth or The Adams family, then come to Admiral Costumes costumiers for a truly superb outfit.

Our customers love to select a completely unique and bespoke outfit from our extensive collection of cloaks, tunics, gowns and hoods.

For vampiresses we have some suitable ball gowns, thigh length boots and short cloaks. Our wizards can be glittery or scary.

Any of our military wear can be zombiefied and we have some old wedding dresses that look great with some cobwebs. Pirates, surgeons, even ghost cowboys can be created with some imagination.

Also in store is a selection of scars, blood, masks and facepaints to create your very own style.

Dare to be different and call us now on 01908 372504 to reserve your outfit or to order accessories for your event.

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