Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Maria Von Trapp nee Rainer and her costume requirements

Maria is the main character in The Sound of Music and requires at least six different outfits throughout the show.

Starting in scene 1 as a postulant, Maria typically wears a plain grey or black dress with a postulant headdress, which is similar to the other nuns but shorter in length.

She also wears a selection of day dresses or an Austrian pinafore dress with short puffed sleeve blouse underneath. Her very plain dress causes Georg to make rude remarks and enables her to make a new dress from fabric supplied by Georg’s household.

Her trip to the Von Trapp mansion requires her to wear a light coat or jacket and a wide brimmed straw hat.

Later scenes require Maria to don a party dress, a wedding dress in 1940’s style, a honeymoon outfit and various 1940’s plain but smart clothing suited to her new lifestyle as Baroness Von Trapp.

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Costumes for all the other sound of Music characters are available including, nuns habits, tyrolean jackets, german uniforms, post boy and lederhosen.

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