Monday, 20 August 2012

Anything Gladys can do, I can do better!

Last Thursday I decided that it was high time that I gave Gladys the day off and model a superb vintage 60’s dress myself. After all, Gladys has done an awful lot of modelling recently and it’s only fair to take my turn.

I had the wonderful opportunity of joining our 60’s fashion shoot on location in the gorgeous bar area at The London Palladium and having my hair and make up styled and applied by Katie Oropallo, currently wig stylist for the Wizard of Oz.

Having never had a ‘make over’ before, it was with some trepidation that I allowed Katie to severely back comb my hair at the top to create height and to roll the rest of it at the back into a French pleat, so popular in the 60’s. A floral headband was tied around my head to complete the look.

Katie rose to the challenge of applying thick black eye liner  and enormous eyelashes to my twitching eyelids that I just couldn’t keep still, pink blusher to my hot cheeks and pale pink lipstick completed the transformation from a 21st century shop proprietor to 60’s chic.

I quickly slipped into a gorgeous navy blue shift dress with yellow and pink floral pattern and boat neck, which is fully lined to hang beautifully.

Against the backdrop of the bar area, I was superbly directed by Victoria Hinde to produce some surprisingly good shots despite this being completely out of my comfort zone.

I left the shoot to the professionals, who did a wonderful job in bringing my vintage 60’s clothing to life. Their acting skills have given the pictures an added dimension and we now have a portfolio of fabulous shots which we will be using over the next few months.

For more information on our authentic 60’s clothing, give us a call on 019008 372504

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