Monday, 13 August 2012

Ode to Gladys

Working with Gladys is always a pleasure,
Her sweet personality an undisputed treasure.
The fact that she’s mute, makes my joy absolute,
And her value to me beyond measure

Don’t be fooled by her neat size 8 trim,
Her look of disdain says she’s prim.
Her calico body and oatmeal rump sewn,
Disguises the fact she has a mind of her own.

She can be haughty and naughty, foolish or wild,
Manly or grown up, silly or child

Go talk to Gladys you have nothing to lose,
Gladys can be any mood that you choose.
If things are not going as well as they ought to,
Gladys is there come hell or high water

You can shout at Gladys,
Abuse her with pins.
You can shake her and punch her,
She’ll always let you win.
She’ll just settle back, absorb all the flack,
Silently take it and won’t answer back.

Whatever she dons vintage or style,
She’ll carry it off with panache and guile.
Whether in a ball gown or chintz,
Military or prince,
She’ll wear it with elegance and a smile.

Clown, soldier who cares? Nightwear who dares?
Gladys looks fabulous whatever she wears.

When you are down with all your stresses and strife,
You definitely need a Gladys in your life.
Come and meet Gladys a mate you can trust,
A true friend and colleague, my mute vintage bust

@ Admiral Costumes

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