Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Enjoy a themed Christmas get-together

Christmas is a time when all your family and friends get together, so why not liven it up with a theme?

I had an enquiry this week for a family in Bedford, that every year choose a theme for their Christmas get-together.

One year it was cowboys and indians, then Alice in Wonderland and this year will be Captain Cook, with the head or host of the party playing the part of the Captain, with the guests as lost boys, Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell.

What a wonderful idea and a chance to wear something different for the day, with everyone being able to take part from the grandparents down to the smallest of the children.

We have a great selection of Fancy dress costumes in stock for hire over the Christmas period, simply reserve your outfit as soon as you can and collect before Christmas in preparation for the festivities and return it on Thursday 27th or Friday 28th December.

Call us on 01908 372504 or e-mail your enquiry to info@admiralcostumes.co.uk

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