Monday, 19 November 2012

Freedom, Books, Flowers and The Moon

Freedom, Books, Flowers and The Moon is a play by Sarah Pitard based on  and adapted from The Nightingale, the Rose and The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde.

The story shows how in Germany, during 1938, the gypsy population suffered greatly under the Nazi Regime

In the first act, Florica, a young Gypsy woman, is desperately in love with Besnik. However, he is in love with a German girl, Helen, who asks for one gift – the most beautiful rose in the world.

Despite the warnings from her brother, Thomas, Florica makes it her goal to find the perfect rose for her love, even if it means she must suffer the consequences.

The second act centres around an old German man, Mr Prin, confined to his wheelchair, and a young gypsy child, Isabella, who is dying from tuberculosis.  Together, the pair go on a mission to help as many people as possible from being taken to concentration camps.

 The show explores the true meaning of undying love.

Paradigm Theatre Company are currently staging a wonderful version of this show at Waterloo East Theatre in London.

Admiral Costumes are delighted to have provided some costumes for this beautiful story


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