Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Alice in Wonderland characters

When we were asked for costumes for a school production of Alice in Wonderland, we had no problem getting together our selection of Alice frocks, Queen of Hearts dresses, Mad Hatter outfits and the White Rabbit suit, as these costumes are popular not only for drama, but for fancy dress parties and themed events.

It was more of a challenge to create costumes for the wide variety of animals in the show, ranging from a Do Do to a mouse.

We wanted to avoid the leotard and head-mask option which gives little scope for the performer to get into character. By walking, twitching and acting like a feline for example, it is amazing how the acting can create the illusion and the audience can believe that there really is a cat creature on stage.

Having access to over 4000 clothing items, we have had great fun putting together some really fun and superb outfits for all the animals in Alice in Wonderland.

For the parrots we chose sequinned dresses, teamed with a feather boa, net tutu and feather headdress. The frog footmen have a green waistcoat, tailcoat, green tights and green shades and the owl just had to have a mortar board and red cloak.

For inspirational ideas on how to costume parrots, mock turtles, do dos, frog and fish footmen, lizards and hedgehogs, give us a call on 01908 372504 – we love to help.

Our superb costumes can be viewed on with some picture galleries on our Facebook page: admiralcostumesMK

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