Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2016 round up with Gladys

Hello darlings, Gladys Costumier here…well what a 2016 it’s been for Ruth and the AdmiralCostumes’ team. 

We’ve welcomed new Am/Dram groups and schools into the Admiral Costume fold and what an amazing group of people they have been and continued to work with established friends.  There’s so much talent out there that, whilst not making the headlines, they certainly deserve recognition…and the attention to detail that the groups strive for, is a true testament to every Am/Drams vision of their stage production!

We’ve had fun this year supplying costumes for a diverse collection of stage shows, from the always popular Sound of Music, Guys and Dolls, South Pacific (one of my favourites) to the less well known Vinegar Tom, that’s all about witchcraft and is named after a cat that features in the play (Who knew??) and the stunning Gilbert and Sullivan Princess Ida, which is essentially a battle of the sexes…I must say – I did enjoy being dressed for that show…I mean who doesn’t like to be dressed up like a princess!!

I will say though, one of the biggest highlights this year has been the call from StrictlyCome Dancing asking for us to supply our Sound of Music curtain costumes for the show (you can imagine the conversation over our morning cuppa when Ruth got the call) but it was amazing to see them on the small screen and even better, when Ore won – we think our lederhosen had something to do with his win by the way…!!!

So my dear friends with New Year fast approaching, Ruth, the team and myself wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year.  For those contemplating treading the boards – go for it, for those behind the scenes, you are the engine that makes the production amazing and to everyone, please try to make time to see a local stage production, there’s some amazing talent out there!!  

Toodles darlings and see you in 2017!!

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