Friday, 28 September 2012

The hostess with the mostest

I stand guard in the window or rail,
Casting an eye on proceedings, whatever prevails,
I am charming and witty,
Amazingly pretty,
Looking good in a suit, wedding dress, or veil.
A new outfit each day,
For party musical or play.
I stand silent in the corner, not in anyone’s way,
I won’t get upset if the clothing is wet,
I’ll just turn a darker shade of grey.

I’m hairless and careless,
Footloose and fearless.
I’m saucy, fun, crazy and often ridiculous.
Well balanced and bare,
Confident and self aware,
Not bothered by anything in particular.

I’m the ultimate hostess,
The woman with the mostest.
Cross Gladys if you dare!

Twitter  @gladyscostumier

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