Monday, 29 October 2012

Wild about Waistcoats

Scary waistcoats,
Hairy waistcoats,
Sober, silk and leary waistcoats

We have rustic and charming,
Bright and alarming.
A waistcoat for everyone,
Whether partying or farming

For Fagin or dodger,
Country gent or lodger.
We have gold ones for kings
Harris Tweed for old codgers.

There are waistcoats with collars
Waistcoats without
Scruffy old waistcoats, that need throwing out.
Burgundy brown,
Star spangled for clown,
Brilliant waistcoats with oodles of clout.

So, need a waistcoat in a hurry?
No need to worry
Just get on the phone and give us a shout.

Admiral Costumes  01908 372504






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