Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Admiral Costumes on Absolute Radio

When Maggie Doyle from Absolute radio contacted us for costumes for a Breakfast show we were delighted but also rather puzzled.

Why would you need costumes for a radio show?

Back in 1986, Christian O’Connell from Absolute Radio’s Breakfast Show made a list of 40 things he would like to do before he reached the age of 40.

Number 38 on the list was ‘have an amazing splurge gun party like Bugsy Malone’

This wish has now been granted and you can watch the splurge gun party here:

We were delighted to have been able to provide costumes for this event and have a superb range of gangster and moll outfits.

Call us on 01908 372504 if you are planning a splurge gun party or need costumes for a Bugsy Malone show or event.

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