Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Land Army Girls (WLA) costumes

The women’s land army (WLA) was set up during the first and second world wars, to increase the amount of food produced in Britain.

With the men away in the military it became necessary to encourage women to work in agriculture to replace the male farm workers.

The majority of the women were already from the countryside, but a third came from London and other industrial cities in the north of England.

Wearing a land army girl style costume for 1940’s events is a great way to feel part of the festivities, whilst remaining warm and comfortable. Many hair stylers, those on tea duties and ladies manning vintage stalls love the land army girl look which is both practical and stylish.

Wear a pair of dungarees over a blouse, belt it with a thick leather belt and finish the look with a tied headscarf and red lipstick. 

Our Land Girl costumes have been worn on many vintage photo-shoots, a hen party weekend at Billy One Horn Vintage events and at a hair styling rally by Vintage Appeal.

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